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Academic Press
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Progress then Prosperity.

Our mission is to consistently deliver the finest quality printing with exceptional value on time, every time, and to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in order to enhance their business and make them more successful.

We will build lasting relationships through service based on Honesty, Reliability, Professionalism and Ethical Business Practices.We will add value to our service with our years of knowledge and experience, making the customer’s print buying process effortless and their investment of time minimal.

We will act as consultants, guiding our customers toward the best print solution and communicate with them effectively to efficiently process their jobs.

Our single most important focus point, is to meet our customers’ expectations

We have strived to develop and system and culture whereby we continuously strive to bring all individual elements and collective strengths of our business together, to make it work for our valued customers.

Each link in that chain represents a tangible entity, which we continuously monitor, measure and assess, to ensure optimal quality and service.

Through Purpose, People, Processes, Production and Performance, we are bringing it all together.
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Introducing a new world of printing expertise …

We believe that everything a company does communicates something about it, not least the quality of its printed output, often its most public face. Everyday someone will interface with your company, if only by way of an annual report, invoice, letterhead or calling card. Our job is to help you generate printed output that will communicate the most favourable impression possible.

Our goal
• To become the South African quality printing group of choice.

Our values
• Quality service • Rigorous quality control • A prudent and participative management style
• A spirit of empowerment and employment creation • Recognition, development and reward of our people

Our strategic objectives
• Be the foremost printing group in Africa, focusing on select customers with specialised printingrequirements.
• Continue to add value in an innovative way in order to remain differentiated from our competitors.
• Maintain a high level of acknowledgement & respect for the professional manner in which we conduct business.
• To maintain the ability to respond creatively to market change. • Achieve consistent and meaningful growth.
• Attract talented people who are motivated to perform to high standards.

The Formeset Group is the largest fully empowered and independent general and commercial printing group in South Africa and consists of a broad base of well-respected printing companies.
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