Hole 1 - Fire Agate

Par 4 Stroke 8 – 365 meters

A friendly start down a generous level fairway with bunkers on the right and left. A large green awaits a good long second shot.

Hole 2 - Maw Sit Sit

Par 4 Stroke 16 – 293 meters

A great little par four, which doglegs to the right. Follow the narrow fairway and have a short iron into the green on the line of the clubhouse in the distance.

Hole 3 - Lapis Lazuli

Par 4 Stroke 6 – 385 meters

A long par four slightly downhill with lovely vistas of distant farmland and hills. You’ll be hitting long shots to the green through the narrow bush-lined opening in the fairway and if you make par, you will be happy.

Hole 4 - Star Ruby

Par 3 Stroke 18 – 154 meters

Another good par three mainly into the wind. Bunkers around the green. The deceptive slope on the green makes putting the key here.

Hole 5 - Verdante

Par 5 Stroke 10 – 445 meters

A chance for a birdie on this slight uphill par five played with the wind. Trees and bush border the fairway but only wide enough to catch the very wild hooks or slices. Precise putting is required on the sloping green.

Hole 6 - Tanzanite

Par 5 Stroke 2 – 445 meters

A road borders this hole on the left. So do not hook! There is plenty of room on the right. The fairway is straight with a gentle down-slope. The green is bunkered on both sides.

Hole 7 - Serpentine

Par 3 Stroke 14 – 160 meters

A testing short hole especially into the prevailing summer south-easter wind. No trees or bushes to worry about, but bunkers await. The putting surfaces on these greens are fast and smooth.

Hole 8 - Mystic Topaz

Par 4 Stroke 12 – 327 meters

A straightforward par four where you can open your shoulders with the driver as there is a wide area to aim at. A mid-iron shot to a well-bunkered green.

Hole 9 - Rainbow Moonstone

Par 4 Stroke 4 – 350 meters

Though a similar length to the previous hole, the ninth has a more intimidating feel about it. The tee shot will find you on a gently uphill fairway to the Club House. Your iron shot to the green is a challenge as you can see neither the front bunker nor the fast, sloping putting surface.

Hole 10 - Hiddenite

Par 4 Stroke 11 – 326 meters

A testing start to the second nine holes. A tight dog-leg right which, if you push your tee shot, will find you in the trees, while a pull or hook will take you out of bounds onto the driving range. A mid-iron second to a raised green. A good golf hole.

Hole 11 - Peanut Wood

Par 5 Stroke 1 – 453 meters

One of the best holes on the course. A straight but narrowing par five into the summer wind. Scattered trees line the fairway and the views from this top side of the course are superb. The raised green overlooks the dam.

Hole 12 - Aquamarine

Par 3 Stroke 15 – 172 meters

An excellent short hole over the side of the lake. This is a beautiful corner of the course with abundant bird life amongst the reed beds.

Hole 13 - Smoky Quartz

Par 4 Stroke 17 – 300 meters

A short walk along the wall of the dam takes you to the thirteenth tee, set high up above the course where you’ll want to stop a while to admire the spectacular view of the distant Club house and surrounding mountains. A short par four through an avenue of trees with a pitch shot to a spacious green. A chance for a birdie!

Hole 14 - Blood Stone

Par 4 Stroke 3 – 355 meters

The “Pulpit” hole – famous in Cape golfing circles. Your second shot has to reach the top of the fairway embankment with the green high above. Don’t be short or your ball may roll 50 meters back towards you.


Hole 15 - Star Sunstone

Par 5 Stroke 7 – 470 meters

The lower half of the course is laid out before you from this tee and you feel you could hit the ball forever. A gentle downhill par five with out-of-bounds down the right.

Hole 16 - Diamond

Par 4 Stroke 5 – 405 meters

The toughest hole on the course, long and slightly uphill requires two very good hits to reach the green. There is plenty of space on either side of the fairway, so open your shoulders.

Hole 17 - Tiger’s Eye Matrix

Par 3 Stroke 13 – 192 meters

A long and deceptive short hole that requires a wood for many handicap golfers. The green is an inviting target, as it is below the level of the tee.

Hole 18 - Snowflake Obsidian

Par 4 Stroke 9 – 350 meters

Similar to the ninth hole, a gentle up slope back to the Club house. A fairway bunker on the right may catch a long drive with the wind. Hook it and you’re out-of-bounds on the Driving Range. A challenging shot to the green must avoid the three well-placed bunkers. A very fast sloping green.


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